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Over 20 Years of Experience
Serving a Diversity of Industries
Unmatched Ergonomic Engineering

A Distinct Purpose to Facilitate Change

The moment you sit down at an Evolve Workstation, you realize you are about to experience more than a sit-stand desk. Engineered with a distinct purpose to facilitate change, the Evolve Workspace is an amalgamate of aesthetic design and unequaled ergonomic technology.

Beautifully crafted, our workspaces are engineered with our customers productivity goals in mind.  We use ergonomic technology as a means to that end. As a result our customers are experiencing greater visual acuity, less stress and eye strain, improved well-being, less workplace injury, less neck and back strain, a better workflow, and increased productivity.
Beautiful private ergonomic radiology reading rooms

Focused on Underpinning Your Success

We can help make your goals a reality. We immerse ourselves into your world, and work closely with you to understand your unique ergonomic triggers. Then, we design spaces that promote health and well-being for a more productive work environment.
The Result
Ergonomic solutions that unpin the successful realization of the goals of the individual and organization.
Hospital radiology reading room showing evolve ergo workspaces

Focused on Enduring Design

We are not just about the here and now. Workspaces should be dynamic, fiscally sensitive, and have the ability to evolve to provide lasting value. Utilizing a holistic design approach, we consider the needs of the individual and the must-haves of the organization.
The Result
Our time-tested ComfortView PRO workspaces offer long-lasting performance and are built to endure well into the future.
Hospital radiology reading room showing multiple evolve ergo workspaces

Focused on Transformative Ergonomic Workspaces

We engineer ergonomic workspaces to fulfill a purpose and ones that are hyper-specific to meeting the needs of each user. Our intent is to transform the way people work to eliminate workplace pain and injury.
The Result
Leading-edge workstation technology that maximizes value, and transforms how people work so that productivity is optimized.
Our Services
Radiology Reading Room Design
Space Planning and Environment Design
Customized Workstation Design, Build, and Installation
Integrated Project  Management
Acoustic, Lighting, and Seating  Solutions
Complete Customization for Each Industry
Our 5 Step Process
1. We Assess
Our initial meeting will involve an intake that will help to identify unique IT requirements, space considerations, and user ergonomic stressors. It will also include an ergonomic assessment of the current environment and provide input on body biomechanics and good ergonomic behavior. In this way, individuals can immediately start seeing improvements in their current environment.
2. We listen
We seek an open dialogue with all parties involved in the use of any workstation or environment we design, and believe their contribution is critical to the success of each project. Their input helps us balance competing needs, design in an informed way, and assists us to accurately assess specific ergonomic and workflow challenges. We consider ourselves part of our customer’s internal team and an interim resource, bringing ergonomic expertise, design experience, and sheer labor resources to a project.
3. We collaborate
We develop an architectural plan and workstation designs with the understanding of what is needed both aesthetically and functionally. These will evolve and help to refine the vision for the project. We believe that an inclusive approach can make a meaningful, positive impact in the way people utilize an ergonomically designed workspace. Therefore, we partner with Redrick Technology, and other well-respected manufacturers to craft elegant, effective, ergonomically designed workstations and reading room environments. Our collective goal is to benefit the well-being of the user and increase the productivity of the institution.
4. We implement
This  phase brings to life the vision of the project and translates it from the realm of ideas to physical form. Our implementation team delivers and assembles, in place, each element of your ergonomically designed environment. They also provide detailed coordination with your IT department so that monitors and computers, and cable management systems are effectively installed to present a clean and orderly workplace. It is at this stage that everything that has been considered and planned for is now implemented to create an elegant environment in which to work.
5. We educate
Evolve considers education to be a vital component when designing any workspace, and believes it helps to ensure individuals accurately adopt good ergonomic behaviors. At every stage of engagement, we share our knowledge and actively teach each individual how to best use their new workstation to achieve all the benefits of an ergonomically designed workspace.
Our Customers
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