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We Engineer not Manufacture

Instead of shouting out ‘choose us, we’re the best’ with advertisements and videos, we choose to take a different approach. We choose to quietly earn your trust. It’s because we are confident that once you discover what we have done, you’ll know we can be counted on to be your true partner in every respect.

So put us to the test. Give us a moment of your time and request an online demo. Until then, below are three qualities that distinguish us and why we are considered by so many to be ergonomic engineering wizards, not mass quantity manufacturers.

ComfortView PRO — A Long-serving Workhorse

Long-serving. Durable. Dependable. These are just some of the words our customers use to describe our ComfortView PRO workstations. They are ergonomically designed work-horses able to withstand movement, day after day, year after year. They uniquely accommodate and withstand the weight of multiple, heavy, expensive monitors; monitors that you want to make sure are kept stable and safe, for many years.

We Bring the Images to You

The Evolve Workstation enables users to not only adjust each monitor, but to move the entire monitor array anywhere along the entire work surface. Users can customize their work experience at the micro level, transforming the way work is done. This transformation creates an immersive experience where a higher level of concentration can be achieved for a longer period of time.

Realized Return on Investment

We developed our workstations to provide our customers with an excellent return on investment. Today more than ever, there are less resources to go around, so the pressure is on to spend wisely. We understand that, and it’s why we engineer each workstation, and why we do not mass produce them. It is one of our competitive advantages evidenced by successfully increasing the productivity and addressing the workflow challenges, of each of our customers.
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