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Monitor mount can move anywhere along the work surface quickly, easily and intuitively.

We Bring the Images to You

Using one or two handles, the monitor array can be moved anywhere along the desktop surface, quickly, smoothly, easily, and intuitively bringing screen images as close as needed—even to the edge of the desktop. This enables you to maintain good ergonomic posture and the correct focal depth to help eliminate eye fatigue and physical stress.

An Ergonomic Workstation Designed to Move with You in Every Way

The entire desktop can can be easily raised or lowered to accommodate a sitting or standing position. The monitor array can also be raised or lowered, independent of the desktop, and be easily moved along the desktop surface in any direction.

An Ergonomic Workstation Engineered to Support Multiple Heavy Displays

The monitor array is attached to the back of the desktop and is engineered to support mulitple heavy displays. The entire desktop remains useable even when the monitor array is being positioned by gliding over the desktop.
Monitor mount showing that it supports multiple heavy displays

Evolve Ergo Workspace Product Offering

All of Workspaces are engineered with the ComfortView Monitor Mounting System previously only available in the ComfortView PRO that is used by radiologists in the radiology reading room.
home solution
home solution
Comfort-View PRO
Radiology reading room

ComfortView PRO — An ergonomic workstation built to be long-serving

The Evolve Workstation is the nucleus from which great work is done and can be your best asset. It is engineered without compromise and is proven to be a long-serving work horse that was designed to meet the highest expectations. It consistently performs week after week, year after year, so you can focus on your best work.
Our Customers
"As someone who often reads remotely, having an ergonomic PACS workstation in my home office helps me remain productive and focused throughout the day and has helped me learn good ergonomic workplace habits that reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries.”
Elizabeth Calzonetti MD FRCP, Staff Radiologist Joseph Brant Hospital —
"The new reading room creates an environment that allows radiologists' expertise to be conveyed effectively without the fatigue often caused by repeated and unintended interruptions. Efficient clinical staff interactions are facilitating more ad-hoc collaborations with clinical specialists and increasing camaraderie between physicians to the benefit of clinical care."
Dr. George S. Bisset, Radiologist-In-Chief, Texas Children's Hospital —
“All the pieces work together; the room is welcoming to those who need to collaborate in person, while the radiologists who work in it can be assured the ergonomic design will help reduce repetitive stress injuries.”
Dr. Kavita Dhamanaskar, MBBS, FRCPC, Medical Director CIBC Breast Assessment Centre, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre —
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