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Wellness Fit
— the cornerstone of good ergonomic design —
The Redrick workstation with Wellness Fit is the cornerstone of each ergonomically designed environment we build. WellnessFit allows for the intuitive micro-movements that are unique to each user. On a micro level and as they work, users can intuitively adjust the distance, height, and angle of every element on their workstation to provide greater comfort, ease tension, and enable better concentration. In a very real and measurable way, Redrick workstations with WellnessFit enhance the wellness and increase the productivity of the user.
"As someone who often reads remotely, having an ergonomic PACS workstation in my home office helps me remain productive and focused throughout the day and has helped me learn good ergonomic workplace habits that reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries.”
Elizabeth Calzonetti MD FRCP, Staff Radiologist Joseph Brant Hospital —
"The new reading room creates an environment that allows radiologists' expertise to be conveyed effectively without the fatigue often caused by repeated and unintended interruptions. Efficient clinical staff interactions are facilitating more ad-hoc collaborations with clinical specialists and increasing camaraderie between physicians to the benefit of clinical care."
Dr. George S. Bisset, Radiologist-In-Chief, Texas Children's Hospital —
“All the pieces work together; the room is welcoming to those who need to collaborate in person, while the radiologists who work in it can be assured the ergonomic design will help reduce repetitive stress injuries.”
Dr. Kavita Dhamanaskar, MBBS, FRCPC, Medical Director CIBC Breast Assessment Centre, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre —
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