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It’s All About the Engineering
Anyone can manufacture a sit/stand desk and attach monitor mounts. However, it is the quality of the engineering of the monitor mounts that must be considered if you want your workstation to last. So take a closer look at the engineering of the Evolve workstation. We are confident, that it's our unique technology that sets us apart, and is why so many are choosing Evolve so they can experience long term productivity benefits.
Customization is standard with us
Whether one workstation is needed or an entire reading room environment, customization is nearly limitless with ComfortView PRO. Possiblities include:
  • Workstation shapes, sizes, and surface colors
  • Unique configurations to meet space requirements and/or heavy duty displays
  • Floating work surfaces that intuitively keep your body aligned when ultra-wide monitor arrays are used
  • Dimmable ambient lighting to reduce eye strain and fatigue, and improve visual acuity
  • Accessories to enhance productivity and reduce workspace clutter and distractions
  • Peripherals to further optimize space, help organize, and improve workflow
  • Acoustic solutions and environment partitions to reduce distractions
After installation, users can intuitively and effortlessly make macro and micro adjustments to mitigate their unique ergonomic stressors and create a more comfortable place in which to work.
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