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Bring the Reading Room Home
Many institutions now have a hybrid work model since more Radiologists than ever before are looking for the flexibility to work remotely. However, the same ergonomic challenges Radiologists experience in the institutional reading room, also exist in their home office.

This led to the design of two pre-configured Redrick workstations that are now the cornerstone of every Evolve ergonomically designed home environment. Both offerings are engineered with the ComfortView Monitor Mounting System previously only available in the ComfortView PRO that is used by Radiologists in the radiology reading room.
home solution
home solution
Comfort-View PRO
Aesthetically Pleasing and Made to Fit in Your Space
Our optimized home environments are specifically designed to address issues such as limited space, home aesthetics, and the display requirements needed for accurate reading. They combine the same high quality materials and thoughtful design found in our hospital-based workstations, with all the features needed to promote well-being and greater productivity, and can include all the accessories you need to bring the reading room to your home.
Frequent Changing of Position Can Easily be Achieved with  Effortless Micro-level Adjustments
Display Adjustments that are Independent of the Desktop for an Unbroken, Maximized Work Surface
Elegant, Compact, and Customizable Design that Fits Into Your Personal Home Aesthetics
A Variety of Accessories to improve Lighting, Comfort, and Convenience
Superior Cable and CPU Management to Keep Your Workspace Uncluttered and Organized
ComfortView Monitor Capability Overview
Engineered Into All Workstations
  • Hosts up to 4 monitors in a balanced configuration
  • Designed to host diagnostic monitors in the center (positions 2 and 3)
  • Maximum capacity of 85 pounds total
  • Accepts monitors that are VESA 75 or 100 compliant
  • Includes a heavy-duty mounting bracket for large, double-wide diagnostic monitors
  • Accepts VESA 100 compatible monitors
  • Outside monitors are hosted on pivoting "swing arms", which allow for easy, tools adjustment of the monitor array's curve
  • Weight of outside monitors should not exceed 15 pounds each (positions 1 and 4)
See the Many Benefits of the ComfortView Monitor Mounting System
Robust Home Workspaces Loaded with Standard Features
5 Year Warranty
Touch control height-adjustable work surface. Standard dimension: 36 in Deep x 72 in wide. Lifting capacity: 350 pounds
Built-in wireless charging pad
Built-in 3 port USB terminal
Desktop power hub, (1) 120V outlet and (2) USB ports
ComfortView Monitor Mount with touch control
Cable management system including CPU holder
Dimmable ambient light (adjustable with blue and white light)
2 Year Warranty
Under-mount paddle control height-adjustable work surface. Standard dimension: 36 in Deep x 72 in wide. Lifting capacity: 280 pounds
Built-in wireless charging pad
Cable managment system
ComfortView Monitor Mount with touch control
Register to WIN a Redrick ErgoHome-Lite Ergonomic Workstation Before June 20, 2024
Optional Workspace Accessories
Workstation accessories help to ensure a productive work environment by minimizing the impact of clutter that can cause distractions. They facilitate the personalization of shared workspaces without reducing usable work surface area and by not not interfering with effective ergonomic arrangements. They also eliminate the need for users to crawl under workstations to access connection points.
CPU/Cable Management
Multiple USB Terminals
Accessory Arms for Phones
Streamlined Power / Data / Hubs
Castors Easily Move Workspace
Storage for All Your Desktop Needs
Standing Mats for Cushioned Support
Users Remain Productive and Focused
"As someone who often reads remotely, having an ergonomic PACS workstation in my home office helps me remain productive and focused throughout the day and has helped me learn good ergonomic workplace habits that reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries.”
— Elizabeth Calzonetti MD FRCP, Staff Radiologist Joseph Brant Hospital —
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