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Making it Yours
Our ComfortView PRO workstations are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and engineered to not only fit within a given space, but offer unlimited desktop color and shape combinations. And yet, our exclusive monitor mount technology is embedded in each workstation we create to provide the exceptional functionality our customers have come to expect.
Micro and Macro Movements Built In
Our workstations are designed to move the way you work and allow the user to easily and quickly make both micro and macro adjustments. This makes our workstations truly dynamic, flexible, and provides the fluidity needed for productive and long-term use.
Custom Shapes and Sizes Made to Fit
Each one of our ComfortView PRO workstations are custom made. Therefore, we have the ability to translate your goals and needs into a congruent work environment that is uncluttered and promotes calmness and deep thought.  Any configuration is possible to accommodate the space designated for the workstation and our purposeful design is rich with user benefits.
An Amalgam of Aesthetics and Functionality
Our ComfortView PRO workstations are the perfect coming together of engineering artistry and ergonomic technology. This allows our beautifully made workstations to be custom fit within the confines of most spaces, while at the same serving their purpose of increasing productivity and comfort.
Custom Designed for an Aesthetically Congruent Workspace
We offer hundreds of desktop colors and textures to choose from, so your new ComfortView PRO workstation can fit beautifully within the aesthetics of your home or institution. We also give our customer metal color options for desk construction.
Optional Built-in Ambient Lighting
To eliminate the eye strain and loss of visual acuity caused by long hours staring at computer monitors, we offer integrated dimmable LED backlighting that can be built into the ComfortView PRO monitor mount. This provides balanced illumination between the monitor array and the surrounding peripheral visual field.

Benefits include:
  • Helps the eye to recognize color and increases contrast sensitivity
  • Adjusts the size of the pupil to allow light which is essential for clear vision
  • Helps the body distinguish day from night
  • Aids in the regulation of our sleep and wake cycle
Optional Workspace Accessories
Workstation accessories help to ensure a productive work environment by minimizing the impact of clutter that can cause distractions. They facilitate the personalization of shared workspaces without reducing usable work surface area and by not not interfering with effective ergonomic arrangements. They also eliminate the need for users to crawl under workstations to access connection points.
CPU/Cable Management
Multiple USB Terminals
Accessory Arms for Phones
Streamlined Power / Data / Hubs
Castors Easily Move Workspace
Storage for All Your Desktop Needs
Standing Mats for Cushioned Support
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